Phoenix Music Tuition

For a new beginning.......



Welcome to the Phoenix Music Tuition website.


Phoenix Music Tuition is a small instrumental teaching practice, specialising in one to one, or small groupwork.

Lessons are offered in Clarinet, Recorders, Piano, Singing , Music Theory and Musicianship.

Lessons are available in Annesley Woodhouse.


Phoenix Music Tuition's broad background experience offers lessons not only to young people wanting to pursue a particular instrument through a graded system towards a teaching or performing career but also specialises in encouraging adults wishing to resume lessons from their childhood or simply feel motivated to learn to play an instrument or sing, for the first time.


Phoenix Music Tuition is especially pleased to invite those with special needs, for structured instrumental lessons or for therapeutic sessions helping communication & self expression. I offer a warm welcome to anyone, who for whatever reason, be it pursuing something for themselves ; finding their personal space; developing their sense of self; coming through personal loss... feels music would help them......start a new chapter.



Phoenix Music believes it is never too late,

             Believes in a shared learning experience.........

                      That we never really learn until something is challenging,

                              That the opportunities for new beginnings are many...

                                           Even when we feel we are at an ending........

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