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Welcome to my site, and Phoenix Music Tuition , which is the sum of  my 37 years as a Health Professional and my 48 years as a vital, "always embracing the new" Music Teacher plus 66yrs of my varied & wonderful life. Not without it's very valuable hardships & life lessons, beginning with my basic Fenland upbringing ; the thrill of education...which has never stopped ; my various senior positions in the NHS and the continuous Instrumental Teaching and Therapeutic Music throughout , continue to develop & come together beautifully.

Crowned by lengthy Counsellor Trainings, and ongoing Continuous Professional Development, Phoenix Music Tuition can provide a broad range of musical learning & experience, finely tuned to the agenda & needs of the student/ client/ person.

Music always enhances the journey and if I am privileged to share in that journey I can always assure confidentiality and of course,a full awareness of Child Protection/Safeguarding protocol.



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