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Welcome to my site, and Phoenix Music Tuition , which is the sum of  my 37 years as a Health Professional and my 46 years as a Music Teacher plus 64yrs of my varied & wonderful life. Not without it's very valuable hardships & life lessons, beginning with my basic Fenland upbringing ; the thrill of education...which has never stopped ; my various senior positions in the NHS and the continuous Instrumental Teaching and Music Therapy throughout , have all come together beautifully.

Crowned by lengthy Counsellor Trainings, and ongoing Continuous Professional Development, Phoenix Music Tuition can provide a broad range of musical learning & experience, finely tuned to the agenda & needs of the student/ client/ person.

Music always enhances the journey and if I am privileged to share in that journey I can always assure confidentiality and of course,a full awareness of Child Protection/Safeguarding protocol.





I am also privileged to be the Musical Director of The New Greasley Singers.

This long established Small (Chamber) Choir, mixed voices (SATB) is based in Greasley, Eastwood is a local popular choice for Concerts, Weddings, Festivals etc. We rehearse on a Thursday evening 7.30 at St Mary's Church, Eastwood, and welcome anyone to come along and enjoy some rehearsals & see if our friendly, accessible approach and very eclectic repertoire is for them (all types and periods of music). I don't formally Audition. (see: www.






Over the last few years Phoenix Clarinet Choir , originally started to help beginners with sight reading and ensemble playing, has blossomed into an advanced Clarinet Choir which meets on an irregular and informal basis for pleasure or to rehearse for Concerts.