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Other Services

Clarinet Sales & Repairs

My husband, Mick trained as a woodwind technician with the renowned company Boosey & Hawkes in London. Together we acquire reputable & appropriate clarinets for pupils who need an instrument; repair, overhaul and completely refurbish clarinets for pupils at a fraction of the usual cost.

Advice & acquisition is available on accessories such as reeds, ligatures, neckstraps etc.

Piano Technical, Tuning & Sales

Mick is co-proprietor of Clement Pianos in Nottingham, one of the finest piano showrooms in the country. This gives all pupils easy and reasonable access to piano sales,

tuning, repair and advice.

 Recording Studio 

The recording Studio at Clement Pianos affords pupils access to recording at very reasonable terms on a 'state of the art' quality grand piano and with Mick, a very understanding Sound Engineer!

Play in a concert

Every three months at Clement Pianos there is the opportunity to enjoy sharing your music in an informal concert in front of family and friends.The piano is an isolated instrument and playing in front of others and enjoying their playing is really valuable, for all concerned. These concerts were originally designed to give exam entrants the opportunity to play on a grand piano and get a sense of the areas of themselves and their pieces which might feel under pressure in an exam. They have now become a way of not just pupil's performance benefitting but a sharing of the experience of learning and enjoying the piano with many other ages  abilities and professions.

"Before my exam I played in the Concert to my family. I enjoyed playing the huge, shiny grand piano and even though it was a bit scary, it meant I was ready for any nerves in my exam and able to keep them under control."      Saman, 11.                                                            


 I don't wish to do exams but I enjoy playing at Clement's Concerts as it is informal, it brings me into contact with other adults who, like myself, are experiencing what it's like to choose to be a beginner again.    

                                                                                                Karin, Doctor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

"Elaine and Mick completely stripped, repadded, recorked and overhauled my clarinet between one lesson and the next. They put on good quality pads,and made repairs, all at half the cost of elsewhere. It feels and sounds brilliant!"      Becky 18