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Being a parent (and grandparent) and very aware of the challenges that committing to children's extra curricular music brings, I don't impose many of the onerous Conditions that can exist. I understand also, the real and frequent priority decisions that also have to be made by the adult learner. For most, music is a hobby, a wonderful recreation, and part of a very busy week for most.


When lessons are embarked upon, there is paperwork, details to take for profiles, planning, reports etc and at that point I give new students a leaflet laying out both what I expect from them and also what the student can expect from me. The main points for the student are:


A commitment to arrive at the correct time, with the requisite things, instrument, music, theory, etc.


A commitment to play on as many days as possible, and prepare the work set.


I do not charge for a lesson not taken, if I am notified as early as is possible. No notification will incur a full charge, unecessarily late notification will incur half charge. A Contract will be discussed & signed once lessons are agreed along with the Pupil Profile form etc. Lessons can sometimes be rearranged.


Lessons can be paid for in any way which best suits the student/parent, be it, weekly, monthly, cheque, bank transfer or cash.


To come with a clean instrument and preferably clean hands..... and a smile!


To enjoy !